Forest Eco-Refill


Our convenient refill packs come as an idea to reuse and make the most out of every DRINK IT-PLANT IT regular package before turning it into a pot and reduce waste by returning it to Earth. With an extra amount of organic herbal blend than in regular product, you have the chance to enjoy multiple cups of your favourite FOREST before discovering the seedstick on the underside of the DRINK IT- PLANT IT package lid and grow your own organic herbs.

Also great for those who have enough herb plants and now only seek for their beloved tisane.

Both bag and label are made of compostable material continuing to serve our green consciousness and meet our sustainable goals.

  • About FORESTA smooth and full-bodied blend that you can enjoy any time of the day. The distinctive flavour and taste of sage and fennel seed, in combination with the citrus hint of mountain tea and the bitterness of the rest of the herbs, leave a long-lasting hydrating aftertaste.
  • Ingredients: Rose hip*, Sage*, Mountain tea*, Fennel*, Hyssop*, Mallow*, Dittany*
    *Product of organic farming
  • Notes:  Mellow & smooth with long-lasting, hydrating aftertaste.
  • Occasion: Health boosting and defensive.

20g — Serves approx. 20 cups

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