Our Exhibitions

We love art. Either making our own or, most importantly, enjoying other people’s art. Although we do not claim nor want to be a “proper” Art Gallery, we love hosting Art Exhibitions in our Store, giving the opportunity to young, mainly, artists to show their work, and to other people to admire it.

In the short time we exist, we have hosted two different exhibitions:

Exhibition of visual artist Nafsika Tzanou

Exhibition of Lavatoy Ceramics Workshop

Exhibition of visual artist Nafsika Tzanou

Visual artist, Nafsika Tzanou, communicated her work for the first time to the public, last October, in the first exhibition of our store too.

Her work, The Analogue Collection, has been mainly inspired by the Greek Mythology, but also from the nature, the exploration of personal experiences, as well as an eagerness for the appropriation of internationally recognizable figures.

Her first piece of art was created, following her wish to create a beautiful Christmas card for her friends and collaborators.  Soon, this engagement was evolved into a torrential creativity, in which she finds the freedom of expression she needs, to escape from the constraints involved in her profession as an Architect.

Nafsika is the Architect behind the beautiful renovation of out Tales in Tiles Athens and our Tales in Tiles Experience Store.

You may find her work available for sale in our e-shop here, but also in our store.

Exhibition of Lavatoy Ceramics Workshop

In his first solo Exhibition, in our experience store, last April, Nikos Katsoulas, the creator of ceramic workshop Lavatoy, presented a collection of Vases, mugs and table lamps.

The lines are simple, the colours earthy and the clay stoneware and terracotta.

The result was a smooth combination of the curves of old times and the linear designs of today.

“We get inspired by the contrast between the primitiveness of the raw material, the clay, and modern functionality, to produce practical and at the same time of high aesthetics pieces or art”.

The ceramics workshop Lavatoy has managed in a few years to become recognizable in the sector of ceramics in Greece and abroad, thanks to the fine lines of its products, beautifully linked to the nature, the sea and the Greek sky.

The workshop’s logo, plays a significant part in this recognizability. It is a copy of an animal-shaped clay figurine of the Neolithic era of Elateia, Niko’s place of birth, a small ancient city in the center of Central Greece, at the foot of mount Parnassos. “This excellent finding of small craft, which may have been used as a burial gift, and object of religious cult, or simply, a child’s toy, adorns our creations as a logo of mimimalism and local culture”.